Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive my own FCTC website?
Yes. Once you join FreeClickThruClub, you will be assigned your own FCTC URL address which is an exact duplicate of this site. The only difference is the fact that your user ID will be included so you can receive credit for all referrals (i.e.

Is there a membership fee?
Becoming a member of FCTC is absolutely free and will always remain so. We have included programs inside that do charge a small one time or monthly membership fee. This will allow you the opportunity to make commissions in these programs as the new members you refer join these programs.

Note:  Upgrading in any of these programs is strictly optional and will have no bearing on your free FCTC status.

How many programs do you support within FCTC?
Unlike other clubs, FCTC only supports four resource programs and sixteen major click thru websites, ones that we have thoroughly tested for efficiency and high level marketing results. We prefer to give you the proper tools rather than waste your time having you sign up for countless programs that you may or may not ever use.

The programs we've hand selected will give you optimum results with the least amount of effort. If you're simply interested in watching your hit counter spin out of control, then by all means, join one of those other clubs. If you're as serious about online marketing and promotion as we are, FCTC is the perfect choice.

Do I have to sign up for all twenty programs?
In order to achieve maximum marketing results, the answer is definitely affirmative. And, if you're already a member of one or more of these programs, you're way ahead of the game.

After you join FCTC, you'll have the opportunity to simply enter your existing referral ID (name or number) to each of the programs you've already signed up for. For those you haven't, you can join at that same convenient FCTC members location.

Do you provide any kind of training or support?
Absolutely! In fact, aside from the information provided within your FCTC members area, you'll have the full resources and support of our parent company,

When I try to join FCTC, I receive a "sponsor ID invalid" error message. What should I do?
Some start page programs have an adverse effect on sign-ups and may return a "sponsor ID invalid" error. If you are within the confines of a start page surfing-for-credits session and receive such an error, simply type (or copy and paste) the following URL directly into a separate browser window address bar. Make certain you replace the red x's with the sponsor ID shown at the top of the page:

If I forget my password can you email it to me?
Unfortunately, that's not possible. The FCTC database does not record member passwords and therefore cannot send it to you if it's lost or forgotten. Make certain when joining FCTC that you write down your password exactly as you entered it when signing up. Also, we recommend you keep it in a safe convenient location so you can refer to it if necessary.

Note:  We are able to change your password to help you gain access to your account if need be. Just send us an email.

I still have questions. Is there someone I can contact?
Simply click on the email "Support" link on the Main Menu and we'll be happy to assist you in any way possible. - Copyright © 2002- All Rights Reserved